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Many people across the country are researching locations to relocate to and Tennessee is one of the top choices.  Hohenwald, A City as Unique as its Name, could be your new home.  We are located 80 miles southwest of Nashville with great highway and interstate access.

We welcome you to Hohenwald and Lewis County!

Retiring?  Thinking of moving somewhere…

• That is a slower pace, but still has plenty to do?
• With a lower cost of living?
• Where there are four mild climates with pleasantly changing seasons?
• With lots of Southern hospitality?
• Where there is easy access to travel destinations?

Retiring in Tennessee is a good ideaHealthcare is a significant piece of the pie when considering where to retire.  Hohenwald is complete with everything from Physicians’ Assistants to Family Medicine to Specialists.  Exercising is also essential to good health.  Here you will find a one mile walking track located at Lewis Co. Memorial Park, 115 Smith Ave.  Also, two walking tracks are available for public use after school hours and when school is not in session.  One is located at 310 Park Ave. S. at Lewis Co. Intermediate School, where walking 3.76 laps is equivalent to one mile.   Another track, which is ¼ mile in length, is located at 818 W. Main St. at Lewis Co. High School.  

Population—As reported in the 2010 Census report, Lewis County total population is 12,268; of which 3,757 live within city limits.

Housing Costs—Also reported in the 2010 Census report, the median home cost in Lewis County is $95,600, with a median value of $95,600 for owner-occupied housing (2015-2019) and median monthly costs of $333 without a mortgage.  For a listing of local real estate agents, click here.

City and County Property Taxes—Lewis County boasts some of the lowest property taxes in the US.  County residential and farm property taxes are $1.8838/$100 of 25% of the assessed value; city property taxes are $1.35/$100 of 25% of the assessed value.  Therefore, based on the median home cost, county property tax is $561.53 per year.  If the house is in city limits, an additional $349.50 per year would apply.

Lewis County Map

Other taxes and fees—
• Each home is charged $100 per year for a waste disposal fee at Lewis County Transfer Station.
• Tennessee State sales tax is 7%, except on food, which is 4%.
• Additionally, Lewis County sales tax is 2.5%, making a total of 9.5%, or 7.75% for food.
• There is no State income tax or school tax.  There is 2% personal tax on interest and dividends for the 2020 tax year.

Click here to download the complete 2020 Community Data Profile for Hohenwald-Lewis County, Tennessee so you can see a complete picture of our community.

If you desire any further information about our community, please click here to request a relocation package.  Provide your name and mailing address, please.   We sincerely hope you decide to make Hohenwald your new home.


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